Friday, October 3, 2014

Only 4 months late

I'm happy to say I have a Friday Finish! The H2H quilt I should have finished for June 1 is finally done and being sent today! Hurray!  Here is:

Being held up by the ever Handy Hubby (see the head, hands and feet?).
 Those little red things are paper pieced ladybugs. (Close ups farther down.)
 Above shows the quilting pattern I just invented!  I call it "Bumps in the Night". Just go along for a ways quilting in the ditch, and then wobble a few bumps. It made the quilting go along so much faster - why is that? Probably because I wasn't afraid that I'd make a mistake... I could just make it into a bump. Try it, you'll like it. It's just right for the Jelly Roll kind of quilt.

More of the bumps...

Here's one of the ladybugs... (long ago pattern out of QuiltMaker Magazine)

This is a shot of the binding, and the other bits of quilting. I tried to quilt every strip with a different quilting pattern, but I couldn't think of enough different patterns that I could do, so I ended up making wobbles down the middle until I "thunk" up the bumps.

The other two ladybugs. See another quilting pattern I tried, Zig Zag. Lots of shifting the quilt around, and in my condition quite difficult.

So the quilt is done and off to Happy Chemo for the H2H challenge 2014. (I really should start the 2015 now, they take me so long.) I did make my granddaughter's wedding quilt in between. Now I have another granddaughter who is engaged... Anyway, finally a Friday Finish to link up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Crazy Mom Quilts, and maybe even A Creative Princess (see her button in the sidebar).
Have a wonderful weekend!