Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day!

Hello Quilters,
It's Pi Day today, March 14th... just one of the wonderful things you can learn while reading blogs. No, I did not misspell. This is the circle circumference figuring Pi, not the yummy cherry or blueberry pie. (Hey, when is PIE day?)  It is a day we quilters should celebrate - I guess - but when did you ever use the formula C=2pi r?  I just go to the kitchen and find a cup, glass or plate that is near the size I want for my quilt. I'm not an engineer.  I don't need all that math, and now that I'm diabetic I can't eat the pie either.

So I've been changing my mind for the past few weeks - guess that proves I'm still female. (4 different quilts were on the docket.) I could have gotten a lot done on my Granddaughter's wedding quilt if I was more definitive. I guess I'm afraid to disappoint, and I want her to love it.  I decided to make a Good Night Irene quilt like some are making for one of the current quilt alongs. (Spoiler Alert! Ashleigh - if you want to be surprised, don't Click here to see the design. Mine will be a multicolored version.) I have started the cutting - OMG! what did I get myself into this time.

Really nothing new to report - no new photos. I'm cutting on GNI (see above) and sewing on an H2H. I've always got to start early, I'm such a procrastinator... I take way too long to get anything sewn. Here's a picture of the layout for the H2H quilt. (If you are a follower you seen this before.)

Since this was taken I've got the blocks all in rows, and 4 rows together... lots of corners to match, and since they are hand sewn blocks I pin the marked seam lines together and then sew by machine.  I guess that's why they were UFO blocks. Takes a lot longer. I do like to hand stitch, but NOT on a deadline.
Sew, cutting and pinning two plus quilts over the weekend, and through the months...
Hope you have a sew-filled weekend.