Monday, December 31, 2018

Finished in 2018

There wouldn't be much of a post here if I only showed finished quilts from 2018... You know me, I'm slow.  But I did finish some involved paper pieced blocks. Wanna see?


 for H2H

 for H2H

These 3 flag blocks were for Alicia's friend who passed.

This is one of a variety of small blocks made into mug rugs for my sister.

This quilt is now finished and ready to send - just need an address.
Working on the airplanes and circles now.  I don't know why, but I liked the patterns (paper pieced, don't ya know).
I also worked on a failed swan...just couldn't get the beak to work out - no picture either.
I did finish 3 quilts, and some of those paper pieced blocks took longer than the quilts.
So that was 2018.  No resolutions, no plans other than to do better.  I think I can manage that one, but I've set the bar pretty low.
Hope you have a wonderful New Year, and fun tonight.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Working on Two New Quilts

While looking over the Quilters Cache website I found some quilts I'd like to make in the Inspiration section.  I was very pleased to find that they were easy paper piecing.  Exhibit A

I've been making one plane and 2 "circle" parts each day. The airplanes may be a baby quilt someday... (I have 9 grandkids, some of them are adults so I will be having great grands again soon. I have one now.) The circles are mostly from scraps, and I'm hoping they will look good enough for a quilt for my favorite charity - Hands 2 Help.
Enjoying an energy boost from somewhere, so I'm actually getting some things done. (It feels good.)
It's Friiiiiiday!  Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday Finish Baby Quilt

I just quilted in the ditch of the blocks. Here is the backing fabric with the blue binding,  I had to hand sew the binding... I forgot to sew it onto the back first and then sew it onto the front with the sewing machine.....!  Next time I'll remember, I hope.

I love the binding fabric. It goes quite well with this little quilt.

So I'm done, and now I need an address to send it off.

Happy Weekend to you all,

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Finally a Finished Flimsy

I've been working on this baby quilt for a while now. I showed it last time. You commenters convinced me to rearrange the blocks. I did and I like this arrangement better. Thank you so much.

I like this better... it looks more organized.  Do you think it needs a border?  It's 35 X 42 now.

While I'm working on it, it seemed  like a group of Rorschach tests . What do you make of the  block below?

I think it represents flames on the planet Mars.  What do you think?
So it's only Tuesday... Hump day tomorrow. Doesn't mean a thing to me though. I'm retired.  Have a great rest of your week.