Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bingo Link-up Day!

So today  here is my Bingo "card" and it's  revised list. I didn't know how the game was played, and I should have only used one word names.

The squares represent:
Under the B: Blue daisies, Blue coated pirate, blue background baseballs, blue eyeballs, blue dragonflies
Under the I: yellow roses, yellow butterfly, yellow chicks, yellow background letters, yellow background stars.
Under the N: red background dog, red bricks, center space (black), red leaves, red cherries.
Under the G: green swirls, green leaves with ladybugs, green golf course, green background hearts, green swashes.
Under the O: purple bubbles, purple paisley, purple circles, purple triangles, purple polka dots.

Have fun!