Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What Makes Your Day?

I know a finish of the current quilt would make my day, but that won't happen for a while.  I did find a wonderful "Make" for this day...

Okay, you aren't impressed, but this little plant - a silk oak - was started from seed last August or earlier. I almost gave up hope. (I got to the local momma tree quite late in it's seed making season and all the seeds had been dispersed already, so I sifted through the dirt on the street looking - brought home some dirt, and "planted" it. All this time I have been hoping for the little miracle.  Makes me so happy. (Patience pays off.)

I went out to photograph these little wonders...

The first Cosmos of the year... they seed themselves in this pot of the first silk oak I grew. (There have been a few others - given away at Halloween.) Every year the Cosmos grow about 3 feet tall. Don't know why, but this strain is strong... and cheery, don't you think so?

When I came inside I found this bloomer. It wasn't there on Sunday when I watered last.

Now for a before and after shot of my latest home improvements:

New kitchen lights... not for me, but to sell my house.  Why do we do this?  (They make the ceiling look higher.)

So even though the car died yesterday, and the hubby had to get AAA to tow her to the car hospital, it's still a wonderful day. (That is because we do have enough moola to fix it... otherwise the sweetness of the other events would have been overshadowed. You know the feeling.)

So what makes your day - today?