Wednesday, May 6, 2015

POD 17 and Spring Flowers

This is my interpretation of POD 17... a bag from the Weasley's store and a few magic books. (Hey, aren't all books magical?)

And now the flowers around my house in Vancouver, WA
This is a rose I brought from my house in CA.

I love that it's 2 tone. Inside of the petal is red, and the outside of the same petal is white. It has a tendency to long stems, too. Isn't it beautiful?

These are the Azaleas that were growing here when we arrived. I'd have liked the red colored ones... or those red rhododendrons (rhoddies) they have here. OMG I'll try to find a spot where I can take a picture of one. You won't believe the color!
Below is the "wild flower" that grows best in my yard. In CA we call it Loco Weed. It grows like crazy.

And that does it for today. Jennifer has already put out the next POD pattern, and if I have any chance to get it done in time I better get at it.  I want to make some butterflies for Saturday at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, too.  See you then.