Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's (Green) Saturday!

It's Saturday again? So soon? Does the week get away from you, too? That time thing is really something difficult for me. It's always later than I think. I guess that means I'm having fun. But these past two weeks have been anything but fun. (I'm having troubles with my Sciatica - you know the kind. Been to the Doctor and the X-ray unit... taking meds for pain. Just not like me.)

Then there is the indecision. I have again changed my mind about the Grandgirl wedding quilt. I've just not liked the previous two.

#1 seemed too dark...

#2 seemed too disjointed
I just couldn't seem to get a rhythm in my head.
#3 is pleasing me! I've enjoyed making the blocks so far, and so long as I keep having good results from my meds, I'll be able to cut and sew on it. It's a Disappearing 4 Patch, quite easy, but a lot of cutting... which is usually bad for my back. I think it'll be worth it in the end. It seems a joyful quilt, to me anyway. So my heart is in it. (Can you see it there?)

Some close-ups of my favorite blocks - above has some greens in it. (One of my favorite fabric pieces.)  There are other green blocks cut.

Love this floral. Sorry to the Grandson-in-law to be, but your quilt will have flowers.
Sew I'm back on track, I think, and starting over... making UFOs all over the place... singing, We Will, We Will Rock You! (Did I tell you I'm on meds?)
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