Friday, August 9, 2013

I did stuff this week!

There have been some weeks when reading your blogs was the most worthy thing I did ... (Thanks for being there for me.) and I really didn't do that much this week either... Well, here, you decide.

For Mary Lou's hubby. He has terminal brain cancer. (They want blocks with a car on a light blue background... here's my offering. It's the Ford Anglia from the Harry Potter Paper Piecing blocks on
Fandom in Stitches.) The tires are yoyos that are turned in... I couldn't get mine smoothly round, but I think they look like mud and snow tires this way... extra tread for mudding.

And I got back to my grandson's I Spy quilt, finally! His first birthday is coming up at the end of the month!!! I wanted to try the machine sewn method of binding, so I sewed it onto the back - it went on quite smoothly, but then for some reason, I thought I was going to have lots of trouble with the sewing onto the front. Left it for about 6 weeks. Yesterday, in an attempt to get out of painting on the patio, I got back on the horse, and just did it. Except for one corner, it went on easily. I don't know what I was so afraid of...
Yes, that is brown binding. (You know I don't like the color.) I'm quite proud of myself for stepping away from my prejudice against the color to bind - in a practical color - number 8's first quilt from Grammy.  I'll show you the whole thing once I get the label made... say in a month or two? LOL

I love that you can use the clips even on the sewing machine. They work better than pins, except at the corners... then I used pins. I will be using this process again! It was sew easy.
So that is what is going on here... Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!