Wednesday, March 14, 2012

plants, oranges, voodoo doll tutorial, roses

Hello again my Friends,
Today I have lots of pictures of my side interests... I've been playing hooky from quilting.

4 new jade plants and a Christmas cactus for the Halloween give away... See the yellow snowflake I made for my hubby.  (He likes my "artworks".)

The two oranges on the right are the size you might get in the store... although mine are still better because they are tree ripened (a couple of extra months on the tree... much sweeter!) The 2 on the left are some of the larger ones we picked, and the little fella in the center is a tangerine?  We've been told they are something else, but we call them tangerines. They are yummy.
The big ones are suitable for carving...
Handsome, nutritious and DELICIOUS.  None so far were woody either.

 Now for the Voodoo Doll Tutorial....  You know my daughter has cancer... and there is nothing I can do about it either....         
Anyway, a while ago I made her a cancer voodoo  doll.  Then I made one for me, too, because even though she has gone through so much the disease is back... So I'm taking some of my frustrations out on this:

Several views of it. It's the ugliest fabric I have, stuffed with some batting and tied round and round with the ends of the piece. I kick it, scream at it, punch it, stab it with the scissors, poke in pins, pinch it in a door or drawer as below. (I think the violence of my acts are frightening to the hubby, but I don't care.

It does seem to help me. I just wish it was helping my daughter. Die cancer cells, die!!!!


But now we can't end our blog on such a note. Today we went to Costco - that means pizza lunch, purchasing gas (it's a little cheaper there) and chocolate covered almonds.... and today....
2 dozen roses! One flower went into his bathroom and the stem was planted to try to grow this color. You can't see from the picture, but they are a gorgeous rust color... very different than a regular red, and this pretty yellow down below.
Better picture?  Notice on our kitchen (breakfast) table there is a paper plate of tangerine seeds?  That's what will get put into envelopes for Halloween seeds. Gotta start early.

Final picture is the stem being rooted... hopefully!
If it works out in a couple of years I'll make some more and offer those for Halloween, too.

No sewing today... I do have my bingo card almost finished, but for the hand stitching on the binding. I was so proud of the binding going on so easily... no problems. Some time I'll let you in on my (secret) method.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hugs to you all!