Thursday, April 21, 2011

Currently working on...

You may have seen this quilt before, but now I have it basted....ooooo, ahhhhhhh!  I know it's a bit underwhelming, but I had to put it up on the wall today.  Having company tomorrow, and I'm cleaning up the place. (This is where there should be an oooo, and ahhhhh!)  Anyway, here is the quilt I'm working on, and a few blocks that have been done for a while, and I want to make more, but have to finish the baby quilt for the Project Linus Open House before May 7.

I made the flowers from a paper pieced pattern I drew myself, then got tired of it all and made some other blocks. When I came back to the project because it was pastel and using white (as per the challenge from the local PL Open House committee,) I had to make another row to make the quilt the right shape, and got the wrong pattern... without a center.  After I made the row, and was adding into the quilt, thaaaaaaaats when I noticed - no centers!  Well, what is quilting but a lot ofchances to problem solve?   I found a few premade yoyos and sewed them down as centers.  Problem solved!  They may cause another problem when I try to quilt it, but we can handle that!

The other blocks I made were from Harry Potter, see the picture below.  You can find the free patterns at and at 
They are copyrighted patterns, so you can make them, but you may not sell the products that you make them into.  I'd like to make a quilt of all the patterns some day... It'd be too special to give to any one in my family, so I'd have to keep it - is probably why it's not getting made. Maybe I should make one for everybody in my family that likes HP.... (I don't think I'll live that long! We are a HP kind of family... readers!)  That's a cauldron at the top left... darker purple background and black pot makes it hard to photograph.  The plant on the right is from QuiltMaker Magazine a few months ago.  My sister used to call me "flowerpot" - why? don't ask. No, really, don't ask cause I don't know, and I don't think she does either.  Anyway, that pattern speaks to me because of the little Halloween plants. (See previous posts for pictures) (Do you think my sis is a witch and she knew way back when we were wee tykes that I'd be starting little starts to give away with the candy?)

Oh, the star is from QuiltMaker, too.
Well, I guess I rambled on enough.  Hope you can pick up the picture you want DGD#1.
Love you all,