Friday, May 31, 2013

On the Wall and a Tip

Jazzy Snowballs ready to sew. Actually this is from the weekend. I do have the rows all done and about half of them sewn together, too. But this is the picture of the arrangement. 

(shown sideways - left bottom is left top, and needs to be turned right sides out... Hubby helped.)

Sorry about the resolution on this photo, but it just shows that I pin a seam for each block in a row and then take the row to the sewing machine. (Last week someone I follow used the stacking method to get things off the wall, and that would drive me crazy.) Until I figured out to pin them in place - just roughly - I got into all kinds of trouble stacking. Once I get to the machine I take out the pin and align the pieces so they are matching and right sides together... then I know where to sew.
Shows my pinned row almost off the wall. (The second last row.)
Sew I hope you have a wonderful weekend (sewing).