Monday, February 28, 2011

The rest of the story...

Here is the rest of the paper piecing tutorial. I hope it helps you figure out your directions. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and I'll try to take a better picture, or explain it better.

On with the show....

 When we last left our little flower it was in four pieces.  Lay the flower (or whatever pattern you are making) out so you can see that the pattern is correct, then decide where to make the first seams. (Most patterns will tell you what piece gets sewn to which other piece.) In this case fold them over each other so you have two piles... two seams to sew. Next picture....
Here they are ready to be pinned at the tops. (Notice they are fabric to fabric.... I know, but I made the error when I first started, so I thought I'd mention it.)

 Here is how I pin it. At identical spots - the corner is a good spot, I use pins at the ends going through the ends of the paper-fabric-fabric-paper so that the pin only goes straight through and then give a little tug on the pins - (hold the top and bottom so they don't come out) careful not to pull them out, and then pin another straight through to the back at a point near the center. They should all stand fairly straight up, and go through their corresponding points on the back.  Next pic....

 See how they stand up? Now you will need more pins to hold it all in place so you can sew on the machine. Next pic...
 Here I have added the horizontal pins that hold during sewing. Remove the pins that are standing up and go to the sewing machine.
Sew carefully up to a pin, and remove it, or sew very carefully over the pins like I did. Remember to back stitch before the line and after.  Take out the pins, press the seams, one up and the other down and match them up to the other stack after you've sewn and pressed . .
Here are the 2 packets sewn and pressed and ready to sew together. Now do the same pinning we did above. Match that center seam first, as best you can...

 Here it is all done.  On this pattern I press the last seam open for less bulk.  No centers on these flowers, but if you want centers draft them in at the start. Make sure they don't come right to the other seams, and don't have them come to the same spot on each piece or you will have bulky seams to contend with.  You could sew a yoyo in the center either face up or down to be the center... lots of choices there. Cut on the cutting line so the outside seam allowance is 1/4 inch all around and then remove the paper so sewing on the joining strips will be easier.

Here's one in yellow that has some green instead of white.  You can add the green at any of the triangle pieces to represent leaves.
 Here's one in a very pale blue. (This is the first piecing I've ever done in pale colors.  Usually I like the jewel tones to work with, but I really like the look of a pale colored quilt.  I especially like the quilts that combine the two intensities - pale and jewel.  You learn these things about yourself at quilt shows!)
Here's one in the palest lavender that I have. ( You may notice on this piece that I have used different white on white prints with the flowers, and I have a totally different one for the strips between the blocks.  Gives the whole thing more texture...)
Well, that does it for this tutorial... I know most of you know this stuff already, but my DD and GD#1 do not, and even though they don't want to know, at least they will know where to find out if they ever do want to know. Someday.
I do have another tut I'm developing on a fun bracelet made with shrinky dink plastic.... You're gonna love this one!  Keep watching for it.  Even I don't know when I'll finish it.
Love to you all, and to yours!