Friday, June 17, 2016

"Writing" a book!

For my first Great Grandguy:  Paged out this way, (see the pin at left) but not finished with the sewing together.

He was called "Little Bear" while being assembled, so when I saw this paper piecing pattern in "Better Homes and Gardens 501 Quilt Blocks" page 158 I knew this would be the front of the book.

The birds are part of G. Grandguy's Grandpa's wedding quilt. ..The heart is from Sewhooked's free patterns (made without the pink ribbon).

Granddaughter plays keyboard, so the instruments are included as an I Spy "page". The star is another Sewhooked free patterns.

The angels are to remind us of G. Grandguy's Grandma... my Daughter.  The  butterfly is from "365 Paper Piecing Patterns (my bible - a gift from my Sister - Hi Barbara)"  I modified the pattern to make it easier!

Next pages:  balloons - nice colorful ones.  The Hand is for High Fives with his absent Great Granny (me). It's a pattern from Sewhooked. 
The back of the book is baseballs.... he is a boy after all.  I hope to finish this in a couple of days and send it out for his Very Unbirthday.

So Ashleigh watch for this to arrive, but don't tell Little Bear. It's a secret. (Email me your current address... I don't think I have it.)

Have a wonderful weekend all you viewers.  Thanks for stopping by.