Friday, June 8, 2012

I finished!

And on time, too!

 being held up by the Zombie Hubby Hands - see his cute legs?

This one shows the backing and the binding are the same fabric. It was just the perfect piece for the color scheme on the front; pink background, white daisies with yellow centers, and a green leaf here and there. Kismet!

Okay, so I'm a bad housekeeper. The table next to the quilt is full of seeds to try. Want to wait until I get back from my daughter's house. Do you recognize the long beans from the Catalpa?

I did have another finish, but I have to wait. It's a gift to a follower who just happens to be my DIL, so we don't want to spoil her surprise, do we. 

I have a UFO up on the design wall now, but again... (see paragraph above.)  I only have 2  long seams that need alot of pinning before I can sew. Then the flimsy needs paper removed. I'll be able to finish that one soon, too.

Thanks for stopping by.