Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4 More Harry Potter blocks

Okay, I want you to think I've been really busy, but the truth is that 2 of these blocks had me stumped, so for a few months I left them floating in limbo. Then I went to the pattern site (Fandom in Stitches) and printed out a new pattern. It helped alot to see the sewing order, and a fresh pattern had clues on it to show where to sew the pieces. Especially Crookshanks was hard! Don't use that as a first paper piecing venture. Anyway, here's my newest:

The Time turner... I tried that technique where you use the back of the background fabric for the glass parts, didn't work this time. The back was significantly lighter, too, but doesn't show up that way. There's just that much variance in the fabric that you think it's just a lighter color of the right side. Oh, well. I'll know when I make it again.
I've made the Golden Egg before, and still I made a mistake... That golden point at the bottom should be background color... I can fix it, so I'll do that, but I really wanted to show you the white part. I have some fab white fabric that has silver shiny threads that run through it, and it looks really magical on this block, don't you think so? (I changed the pattern a mite, in that I didn't put in the musical note that goes upper right. It's really complicated, and tiny.)
 This is the Elder Wand... and I had trouble figuring out which way the parts should be assembled...
And Crookshanks, too. There is a portion - the face, etc. that fits onto another paper piecing piece!!!!!! Oh my Goodness!!!! Not a beginner piece. But I did it, and I'm quite proud that I didn't give up, completely.
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