Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Work

I promised you red... I have a lot of "jewel tones" and not a lot of tints.  I do like how these came out.

I'm using mostly "crumbs"  or leftover strips. I'm surprised how much of that there is in my stash.

This time I pinned them to the design wall which is now holding the backing of the I Spy and the batting is hanging out the wrinkles for a few days. Makes a nice muted background for photos, don't you think so?

Did I show you both of the greens?  Well, if I didn't - here they are. Quite Christmassy. I tried for different prints in different places and each has a different stem color. Still no plan for a quilt, but I started the purples last night before "Longmire".  Love that show.

Wait til you see the purples...

So today, probably right now, Chrissy is undergoing the next procedure. Please, keep happy thoughts for her. Pray your hardest and best.