Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weeeeee 're Back

Hello from home again,
Sight seeing, eating out, walking alot - but not as much as desired, shopped for fabric at two new (to me) stores, napped cause I didn't bring a book or any sewing or anything to draw on.  We went because it was our anniversary last week, and because Harvey's in South Lake Tahoe gave us a free room for two days during the work week.

Here are the pics:

This little store is jam packed with fabric I love... I could have sold my house and purchased it all! If you go to South Lake Tahoe, look up this store. (Below is the markee on the Hwy 50 that tells what is in this little mall. ) I'm not affiliated or getting anything for advertising this store. I just want her to stay in business until I can buy again.

Tahoe Keys Center (see Quilting Tahoe listed?) the address is
2264 Lake Tahoe Blvd, #7
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Penny Burroughs
Phone number (530) 544-9797 or toll free (800) 476-9065

Above and below a few pics from our room showing the mountains around.... 7000+ ft above sea level. The city of South Lake Tahoe is more than a mile high... Ha Ha Denver!

It rained while we were there, but that felt great to us. It was cooler by 40 degrees F than at our house, and the humidity felt great. (We've been having over 100 degree days for a week so this was Heavenly - read on for the pun.)

 That patch of no trees on the mt. at the left is Heavenly Ski Area. We went up in the gondola once years ago for an anniversary. I was scared stiff.

Fabric from Quilt Tahoe.  See what I mean? There really wasn't a bolt in that store that I didn't want to possess... well maybe a couple. I really did use alot of restraint to keep my purchase to this little batch.
This I bought at the other store in So. Lake Tahoe, but I was less impressed with that store. More of the newer kinds of fabric, and clothing types all seemed to be mish mashed into the same areas. I do like the two here... blue turned out quite close to the coloring of the fabric, but the red is a bit darker than reality. 
One day we went to Carson City, Nevada. I knew he wanted to take me to another fabric store, but I told him NO... (What a good wife!  We just can't afford all that.)  So we stopped for gas, and the man I married came to life, (It hasn't happened in a long time... gave me a twinge... you know the kind.) and helped an old man from Oregon. Oregon law requires a station attendant to pump your gas, and the old man was totally bewildered with our ways here in the "pump your own" states. My Hobby went over and helped the old man, who thought he was the attendant.

All in all a nice anniversary trip. We drove around the lake - didn't take any pictures though. We've been there a bunch of times.  You will have to go, shop, and see for yourself.

Hugs to you all,