Friday, May 13, 2011

V's block, plant update and OXes

Welcome to an update of the latest growth spurts... mine and the plants'.
Here come the pictures... (Remember you can make the picture larger by clicking on it.)

This is the block I made for Victoria's signature block quilt.  She's taking donations HERE, if you'd like to make one for her also. I hope she likes it... it is a bit different than her others collected to date.

Here's the OXes.  A bit red even for me.  I do love red, and I'm enjoying the sewing... Maybe I'll pepper it with some other colors.  What do you think? Maybe some orange and yellow?  Ha ha!

Okay, I'm a granny that never gets to see her grands - distance and financial restraints... so this is my PRIDE AND JOY.  The Baby Ginkgo started from a pit!  You can see on this picture and the next that she or he is getting real leaves!!!!!!!!!!  Those cute little fan shaped leaves are so ....

identifying.  Smile pretty for the camera.

Here is an update of the oak I started from an acorn.  Seems like all the seeds, pits and acorns I plant all decide which ONE will sprout.  (This is an evergreen oak we in CA call a Live Oak.  They are live all year.) In the background are mullet seed pods... and the boxes are free from Costco - going to be used to keep the little plants all together so the wind doesn't blow them over.

And here is the ONE Maple that come up - out of maybe 10 seeds that were planted.  God is testing me, see if I can part myself from the little ones.  Can I give away the little sprouts to the Trick or Treaters?  Maybe the Oak and Maple, but that Ginkgo... no!   Isn't it sweet how the leaves are just miniatures?

And finally a houseplant.  My Easter Cactus... a pinch off of a dear friend's plant - about 30 years ago. Stunning, isn't it? It's amazing how much water these type of plants demand... of course, we live in a very dry climate, and that is a West facing window.  It gets plenty of afternoon sunlight.
So now I'm off to do the taxes... we didn't make enough to have to pay anything, so I procrastinate.  We aren't getting a return check either.  Just something that has to be done.
Love to you all... and some prayers for ARB and her Mommy.