Monday, November 1, 2010

Now the clean up...

We had a marvy time last night.  The kids had such great costumes and were enthused about the little plants and seeds.  I was quite surprised at the different plants they liked. All the tangerines from seed are gone.  All the Tree of Heaven/Hell seeds are gone. But there are lots of seeds and little plants left.  We did have about 200 trick or treaters and some parents who took plants and seeds, too. One of the dads was dressed up as a scare crow, and one other was wearing the orange jumpsuit that prisoners wear. He said he escaped from the closest prison to us... I hope it was just a costume. Lots of little ol ladies came from a party near by... and we sent them off with a plant.  I think the adults should have some Halloween fun, too. We did.

So now the clean up.  What do I do with the leftover plants and seeds? (I know what to do with the few bits of candy that are left.)  I want to try a different Harry Potter scene next year. We've already done the common room.  I'm leaning toward Prof. Trawlaney's classroom or the Potions Dungeon. If you have any ideas on either, let me know.
<3 to any reading this...