Thursday, November 15, 2012

200th Post!!!

Nothing special planned, so lets have a GIVEAWAY!  This contest is now over! Thanks for participating.

First a look at the finished five blocks for Alycia Quilts' QOV....Done!

 Laid out on the cutting table (above)
 The long view...
And a close up.
So I'm off to find a prize to give away... Your only task for a chance to win is to leave a comment.  Do you think hearts are okay in a QOV quilt?  How about the stars and swirls?  (QOV - for those who don't know - are quilts given to soldiers and sailors - made with love by their countrywomen, (and men I guess), to express their gratitude for their service to our country. QOV stands for Quilts of Valor. Alycia collects donated quilts and gives them out to soldiers in her area of Colorado.)
I'll get the Zombie Hubby Hands to pick a winner in a week... November22, Thanksgiving Day! The prize will be announced next week - probably Monday, November 19.