Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New fabric and beads!!!!

Hello Friends,
I want to welcome all new followers! I usually email the newest ones, but the latest one didn't have her email address available.  I love that you are interested in my ramblings, and I'll try to be more.

I also want to thank you all for your prayers for my daughter - she went in for a scan today, and no new cancer was found.  Everything is healing well, and they are changing to new locations for her radiation, so it shouldn't hurt so much.  Don't stop the prayers though.  She is not out of the woods yet.

On with the pictures~

These are two fat quarters from "River Quilts" in downtown Camas, Washington. It's a nice little store, and a very generous woman who runs it.  She donated fabrics for a  basket of goodies to be given away at their "Girl's Night Out".  My granddaughter won the basket, and that's how I got the next picture's fabrics... see below.  My granddaughter gave me some of her winnings! Sweeeeet!
  Thanks Em!!!!

These are some fabrics I bought at "The Quilter" in Vancouver, WA.  I loved this little store.  Her tastes and mine are so similar. I had a problem trying to limit myself.  These were meant to make flower pins with the grandgirls, but we went to the Bonneville Dam instead.
  Only so much time when you are on vacation.

And here's the beads.  These are from a little store in the old town part of Camas, WA called "Bead Paradise".  What an amazing store. So many beads, and so reasonable the prices. (Add things up for yourself before you go to the checkout counter.  I was over charged, I think.  I had it added up to $35.00 and he charged us $50.03. Nobody has that much taxes.) (I'd show them closer, but I don't want the grands and their mommies to see them..... Christmas - you know. Sh-sh-sh-sh....

So there you have it.  Even though I was on vacation, I didn't let my shopping duties lapse.... you know how it is.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Our trip in pictures (okay, and words)

We went to Washington state to see our daughter and her family. Here are some of the pictures.
On the way there we passed by Mt. Shasta - my favorite mountain. You can see it from a long distance away.

We stopped to eat at the Black Bear Diner (tradition!)... took a picture of the mountain and my husband. (He's the one on the left)

 A mural on the side of the restaurant.

 This is a cinder cone that Shasta spit out eons ago.
Another view of Mt. Shasta, you drive around it for maybe 50 miles on Interstate 5. (And YES that is snow on the mountain, in late August in California. Global warming? I don't think so!)

 Emalee and Ben! So fun to be around!  Thanks for the memories
 Here is the first picture I took of this quilt I made for my daughter... quite a few years ago.  The pattern is from a book... Backyard Bird Quilts by Jodie Davis.
This one shows the bottom row of birds, and the tail end of Jenna, their princess pet.

This is something I added.  All the greens are to represent the trees in WA, so I made 2 flowering trees, my daughter, Chrissy and her hubby, Will.  On each of the trees is a heart, and the heart is inscribed with the other's initials.  Also, there are 4 different sized shrubs, one for each of the kids.  I enjoyed making this part.

Here's the Chrissy tree.

Now four of the birds.

 Grandpa learning how to play Wii from Ben (aged 9).
 The back of Rachael... read the shirt.
And the front....

 My brave darling daughter. She has gone through chemo, surgery and a week - at this point - of radiation.  She won't like it that I put in a picture.  She doesn't like her hair as it is coming in a different color and texture. It really is quite cute, I think, and it is coming in!!! I'm just so happy to have a picture of a live daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's Em again... we are all sitting around having a snack and preparing to play Canasta.  She beat me and my 50 years of experience!

Here's Ashleigh wearing her hat cause she hates her hair, too.  She dyed it just before prom - got the wrong color.  Remember youth?

We went to the Bonneville Damn - somehow I didn't get any pictures of that.  This is Multnomah Falls in Oregon. The top half falls 542 ft (sez the post card) and the bottom half falls another 69 ft. It's an amazing place.

Got a pic of these 4 grandkids while we were there. A beautiful bunch, I'd say, and I'm not at all biased.

 While we were at the Vancouver WA farmers market, we saw this dog dressed in a skirt and hat.
Here's the hubby again with the cat, Kits.  One morning while Bill and Chrissy were off to her treatment, Kits got up and sat in one of the kitchen chairs, presumably to look out the window, but she started chewing... she just kept chewing and looking at Ben. We were all there to play more Canasta. Anyway, I looked at the cat's dish, and sure enough it was empty!  She'd found a way to communicate that she was hungry.  She followed him to the bag of food and trotted back to her dish.

We had a great time... I did buy some fabric, and we did some jewelry crafting. I learned some Wii, too, and we went out to dinner, and watched the grands bowl.  It was lots of fun. Thank you, family, for making us feel loved and welcome.  Hope we can do it again soon.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back from vacation!

Hi Friends,
Just a quick note while I'm doing laundry and catching up on e-mail... Just wanted you to know we had a great time at our daughter's and made it home safely.  Will post some pictures soon.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Triangle Portraits

Since we are going on vacation, I thought a good post would show the triangles (still not sewn together - My excuse: reading blogs and playing canasta online... I am a naughty girl!) will show my peeps some of the memories incorporated in this endeavor. Remember to click on the picture if you want to see it larger.

First up: some multicolored print from the butterfly applique on Em's shirt.... do you remember it?

Next  the turtle print from a blouse I made for my daughter when she was about 3.  (I can hear the grandkids wondering why it hasn't fallen into ruin by now...They think she's old.  Wait til they see me!) Do you remember it Chrissy? You wore it with a green jumper that was just about the same color as the fabric sewn to the bottom of this triangle.

 And the kitty print is another Chrissy blouse! There was also a small mouse with his buddy, the cat, but there wasn't fabric enough to get the mouse into this piece.

Portrait #4 is the multicolored butterfly wing fabric used to make tops for Ashy and Alyssa when they were the only grandgirls.  Ancient history!

 Then some green from Chrissy's second quilt. I know I used this a few times to represent trees in WA.

The next picture shows some fabric from Chrissy's wedding quilt... the tip of the triangle. I even remember buying this fabric from a little 49er town in the foothills... one  of my favorite haunts,  Columbia, the Gem of the Southern Mines.  It's a living museum where the old stage coach goes through town, and gives rides to paying tourists. The tree lined, cobblestone street is banned to auto traffic. There are old restaurants, hotels and stores. The some of the goods are modern, some are antiques for show only. It's at the Dry Goods Store that I got  this fabric.

These next two are showing animal prints (quite stylized) that were made into tops for the two first grandgirls, too.

The two "tries" in this picture are from Ben's baby quilt, and T-shirt applique.  It's a different car, but from the same fabric.

Another from the kitty blouse.

The red at the top is probably from Rachael's quilt.  So is the second to last picture. 

My sister sent me some of this purple butterfly fabric, and I went out and bought more of it to make a skirt and top for my DIL's birthday.

The middle top is the backing fabric from Chrissy's wedding quilt.  I wanted it to be somewhat masculine, so my SIL would actually use it, too.  He isn't into pink.

The color crayons are probably on Ben's "I Spy" quilt.

The bottom half with the "world" on it is the backing to my SIL's quilt, I think... getting old and CRS. I do remember that he is my favorite SIL - I have my reasons... Of course,  he is my only SIL, as well. (His MIL is a bit perverse...)

And more red from Red Rachael's quilt.  We do love our  reds, huh.

The blue with hearts is from a little top for Chrissy that had ties at the shoulders, and a red gathered bottom. It was so cute.  Living in Superior, WI at the time, she had to wear a shirt under it.  Summer there was cold. That's why we moved to Sunny CA

So we will be gone for a week to WA.  Hope to have wonderful pictures to show you all.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

One Year Blogaversary!

I missed it!  It was July 30 last year when I started this blog, and I missed blogging on the blogaversary! That pretty much says it all. I'm just very blase' about blogging, I guess. Not much happens here, and about half my day is used (and used well, I think) by reading blogs I enjoy.  I have had lots of fun reading the blogs, and learned lots of crafty things. I can afford not to purchase magazines because I read blogs where I find travel information; quilting news and patterns and color combinations; also I find out what is new in fashion, and crafts.  Just this morning I learned how to light up my shoes on Craft Magazine, and traveled to a special restaurant in England with Ramblings from an English Garden.  (Don't let the name fool you, she's hardly ever home.)  I've added lots of new blogs to my list in one year... I find some of my favorites on other peoples lists, as well.  I love to leave comments - especially where there were none.  I hate it when I write a post and no one comments, don't you?  I just want to say Thank you all who have visited and left comments, and Thank you for stopping by even if you didn't comment. 
So back to the triangles... here's the current pic.

Top row is sewn with a white triangle between each pieced one, and the bottom row didn't show up.

Here is a close up of the sewn ones. I tend to put off things that I'm unsure of, and this quilt is just like all the others have been.  "There's always something..." Rosanne Rosannadana.
So here I will leave you to your own devises.  Have a wonderful weekend.