Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A plea for three!

Lilacs are almost done blooming, but still smell yummy.

A few roses have opened recently.

A rare white without a bug in it!

I think this is a Chrysler... Not a Buick, for sure!

I really don't know how to word this, so I'll just jump right in.  I agreed to send out 3 gifts - one to each of the first 3 who comment and will honor this "Pay It Forward".  Its a way for quilters to thank other quilters - for the inspiration and care they bring into the world and share with us all... I guess. Anyway,  Sheila from  Sew Cook Travel will be sending me something, and all I need from you, Dear Reader, is for you to say you want to do this, too. 

Here are the easy rules:

~ three people that would like a gift from me should leave a comment to that effect.

~ each of them will get a gift sometime in the next year.

~ in turn, each of the three will send three other people gifts.

Should be fun!  Everybody likes to get mail that isn't a bill.  We have a whole year, so I don't think this is too hard a task.  No need to be big and fancy, just kind and considerate
What do you say.... Leave me a comment today!
Love you all,