Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

It's a day to remember what we are particularly appreciative of... (Okay, I know that is the worst English Grammar there is, but you get what I mean, don't you?)  There is one thing I'm particularly thankful for, but it is quite a melancholy thing, so I won't divulge it. Suffice it to say, I'm particularly thankful for family.  But wait there is also a looooong list which, in part, includes sunshine, and You, my Blogger Friends.  I especially appreciate the ones who consistently leave a little sunshine/love by way of the comment section.  Thank you all - you know who you are... I Thank God for You!
So there still is no kitchen - just look back a few posts, and you will see how ripped up and unusable it is...still. That could be a good thing.  That's how I'm getting to eat out for Thanksgiving this year... That's right, no all day cook-a-thon for me.  The he and me will be at Denny's for dinner tonight.  (We are not the "goremet" type.)

Now that's enough old lady maudlin talk... (Did I tell you we've been a few days without sunshine, and I get pretty morose without it.)

I've a few new blocks from the  Harry Potter paper piecing site  finished and I want to share and show....

This is my version of the Goblet of Fire. I went to the book to find the description. I'd forgotten that it was wooden, (the movies confuse things) thus the wood grain fabric.  I did remembered the blue and white flames. I like how it turned out. I found just the right background, black and blue swirl, at High Sierra Quilt Store a few weeks ago.

Another Mimbulus Mimbulitonia.  The other one I used a white background, and, while I did like the outcome, I thought it might not "fit" with the rest of the blocks.  I do always like to have a few extra blocks to rearrange the final layout. (If you are just tuning in, there is my Pensieve, too.  I have it padded and ready for the project that I can't describe right now.  After Christmas....)
Did I show you the Slytherin Snake?  I'm not real happy about the mouth, I wish there had been a red eye... maybe I'll revise this one and make it again.

Finally, here's a sneak peek... I'm working on the second block in the There and back again BOM.
I really got myself into trouble with this wood grain fabric... particularly hard to get it to go across correctly. It'll keep me out of mischief, for sure. Another new experiment.

So that's what we are up to -  since we don't get to cook. Hope your holiday is happy and fun!