Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Started - 2 Butterflies but first a rainbow!

Hubby was working outside, and looked up to see a 360 degree rainbow around the sun. Here's as much as I could get with my camera.
Amazing, huh? It was more colorful to the naked eye.

Now for the paper piecing
 I colored in the patterns and learned that I didn't like the backgrounds, so those will be white.

Then I started to sew and here's where I am on the blue one. Just starting the background. Making them a lot simpler than the original patterns (from 365 Foundation Quilting Blocks). I'm thinking a whole quilt of butterflies... only blue, orange and white for the background. What do you think? (I think I'm crazy.)
The blue ones are to commemorate our walk in Sequoia National Park. We came across two very tiny blue butterflies flitting around a few wild flowers. It was magical. We were with our daughter and her family. They all are constantly on our minds. (Giving a shout-out to my peeps...Love you family!)
Hope you are having a lovely week. Can you believe it already June 18th?