Monday, January 24, 2011

Half a wall hanging!

I've got a picture of the wall hanging I started last week. It's only half pieced... There are stars in the sky yet to make. (Click on the pic to get a closer look.)

For those of you living in stormy spots, that shine on the left is Sunshine!  We are having a week or so of nice weather here in CA.  It's in the 60s - above 0 - and the nights in the 40s.                                           
I've been outside the last 2 days pruning the roses, and then there will be the apple, lemon and cherry to        prune after that.  I am so achy and my hands are all cut up by the thorns and the thumbs especially are achy  from squeezing the pruning shears. Hopefully they will still work on the scissors!                                          

So thanks for tuning in.  Hope you leave a comment!
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