Friday, January 31, 2014

Paper Piecing Tutorial Link, Wonky Stars and a Flimsy at last!

First I want you to know about the Paper Piecing Tutorial. Jen O. has a video on her blog today that is very informative. I've paper pieced for over 5 years now, and I learned lots. Check it out at

Sorry it's been a while since I posted last. Here's what I've been doing. (Besides cleaning and primping for home showings.  We did sell the house once, but it fell through once we all figured out the timing.  So now we start over.)

For the Rainbow Scrap Challenge: Just one more block...

And it is finally a flimsy for the new grandgirl to be. (Wouldn't it be a surprise if the doctor missed something and she is a he? I am a perverse granny.) Still some paper to pull - just the little crumbs that don't come straight off the first time. It really looks more colorful here even though it's a fuzzy photo. I tried to keep it low grade value wise.

So I'm going to link up to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge tomorrow, and to Sarah's Whoop Whoop today. (Links are in the side panel.) Come on by and see what others have been working on.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Paper Piecing Without Removing Paper!!!

Again another paper piecing tip - I could have tried, would have used... (insert title here).

Go over to Cose que te Cose. It is in a foreign language, but I've copied the address with the translator in it, so it should translate for you. (It did work that way when I tested the link.)  (It's a bit hard to read the translation - different languages are set up in different ways)  Don't worry about the thing that says it can't be found - just scroll down and it's there.

She made this wonderful Poinsettia flower and sewed it together as a paper pieced pattern, but didn't sew through the paper; she sewed next to the folded paper pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I am super excited to try this method. I still have to work the Kisses quilt, and the paper piecing is all done, so I can't try it right now, but if you do, please let me know how you liked it.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Show off your pincushion - Grandma's Pincushion (a half-way tutorial)

I've always wanted to share some pictures of my Grandma's Pincushion. She made a bunch of them for the bazaar at her church - along with hemmed dish towels and other sewn items. (Her quilts inspired me to try making some.) This pincushion is Genius - in my mind.

Exhibit A:

Knit with tiny needles - #1 or 2

Grandma used some really thin (2 or 3 ply) yarn - probably leftovers from the knitting mill in town.
She knit a rectangle, folded it in half and fit it around a thimble. (The rectangle was about 2.5" wide. You will have to measure it up to your thimble for the length.) Then another color combo (blue and white) knit to go around that, and then another (reds) rectangle folded to fit around the whole thing. Each is pulled tightly.

Then on the bottom a circle of felt - probably glued on and stitched with big stitches to hold the felt on. (No filling needed!)

I've used it since 1974... without a smidge of trouble. The thimble fits in the center, and it accommodates (probably) hundreds of pins. You can even put in a nail between the knitted rings and it stays put. Sew in the world of wondrous pincushions - I have the best one.
Now show off your favorite pincushion - if you dare. LOL
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blue Blocks and Rearrangement of Kisses

I wanted to get in on the Rainbow Challenge this year. I made these blocks to enter. (I hope the linky is still open.) I like the blue sooo much that I might just make a whole quilt of the blue with yellow or white stars.  I've got lots more blues that I didn't include here.


Here are the rearranged blocks for the grandgirl quilt. I subbed out a few really bright ones. I wanted this quilt to be lots more subtle than it is, but I have to have variety when I sew, so...
So look for me at the Rainbow Challenge 2014 - link in the side panel.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Link to an easy Kiss!

If you would like to make XX and/or OO without paper piecing, try this link Canoe Ridge Creations.
While following a lead from another blog I found this tutorial. So much easier than the paper piecing. Wouldn't you know I finished the blocks yesterday. Today I'm rearranging, and tomorrow I hope to start sewing the blocks together. That's my kind of timing finding an easier way when I done doing it the harder way. Oh well. Hope this find helps you out.