Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's not very pretty...

Here's my vessel for the Piggy Bank Challenge at Val's Quilting Studio.

Some of my favorite orange fabrics surrounding a nut tin Costco size. (Being I am trying to sell my house, and all my prettier things are packed since last October, I'm lucky to find anything for this challenge. I felt it would be goofy to buy some bank to do the job, when we're trying to save money. So this is it.


I cut a large sized hole so I can fit bills - although I hope not to use them. I will have to hide or take the bank with me when our house is being shown. In this area visitors like to take things - even little things as souvenirs. I've hidden my little owl that usually sits on my sewing machine. Wouldn't want to lose him.
Even though right now it isn't Wednesday I want to wish you all a Happy Hump Day, especially if you have to work tomorrow.
Happy Birthday to my Rachael. Love you, Honey!