Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tips for getting things done.

by  "do as I say, not as I do" - a mystery woman.

1. Jump up in the morning, enthused to start the day.

2. Don't read blogs all morning

3. Don't play "Mahjong Safari" all afternoon.

4. Don't watch TV all evening.

You know what I've been doing all week... I'm an example of what not to do.

But I did finish 2 more HP blocks... one will be going to my daughter.  She needs the Felix Felicis again, I'm afraid.  This time she is getting the correct coloration. I mistakenly thought it was an acid green potion. "How could I be so stupid", as Hermione Jean would say. FF is a liquid gold color... I'm going to use it as a cover for the Hot/Cold Pack made with a rice packet that you heat in the microwave or use cold from the freezer.... I've seem them all over Blogland. She does have some achy places that some warmth could help.  We will see if she uses it.  Anyway, here are the pictures.

WRONG! but I think quite pretty.

This one is closer to "liquid gold" color.... It has lots of love sewn in, and hopes that it will work this time - along with a lots of prayer, of course.  Please pray along. She's off to surgery again on Tues, hopefully.

I still love comments, thank you for continuing to leave them, but as some of you noticed I have stopped answering them.  Just looking for places  to have some time to sew... So to answer a question recently asked: I have no idea how many blocks are going into the HP quilt. I started making the blocks, and enjoy them - some I've made for cards and other projects, I'm kind of in a limbo of sorts. Our local Project Linus is acting in a very mercenary way, in my opinion,.... kind of greedy, actually. I've gotten some real bad feelings about their charitable intentions... But the HP quilt wouldn't go to them anyway - they'd auction it off. I can't sell it, the patterns are free only if we don't use them to sell the products. If I give it to one family member, others will feel badly.  So I'm just making the blocks for now. There are lots of patterns I haven't made yet. I'm just enjoying the making.

Has anyone out there been having troubles with DSL? Is it sun spots?  We are having to reboot this brand new laptop every paragraph or two. It is absolutely aggravating!!!!!!!