Friday, December 10, 2010

Amazes me every time!

It always amazes me how many are blogging, and I'm sure I've just scratched the surface. I started reading the quilter ones that I could find, and since then I have found Zentangle ones, recipe ones, and now there are the card and scrap ones.  I've just been on an amazing Blog Hop.  Hero Arts is coming out with new art rubber stamps, and is showing them off through their designers on their blogs.  I learned new techniques and had lots of fun seeing the new stamps.  If you like that sort of thing go to The Hero Club Blog at:
You'll find all the names of the designers to click on and go to see their creations. Lots of fun!

Well, I am now famous for my beautiful boobs.  If you'd like to see them, in two (no less) places on the web, just use these two links.  They are pictured there for anybody to see at Make a Boob.
and at Mrs. Moen's blog
You can learn how to make some to send and share in the giving at this link to Make a Boob
I am enjoying not only the making, and sharing for a good cause, but also the naughty bragging!  Mine are now internationally known.
Well, I think that's enough naughtiness for me today.  Christmas is coming up, you know, and I can't get caught being too naughty by Santa.  He sees it all.
Love you all, you know. 
<3 Terri