Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Best Day in a Long Time

First and best, we went out to lunch with our married granddaughter! It was so much fun.

Then since it was January 22 - visit your local quilt store day (according to the Susan Branch calendar), my hubby took me to the two he found were nearest our new home.  I bought fabric... he really aught to know better.  (See purchases on the bottom picture.)
When we got home I finished up the week 2 block I missed last week for the POD and linked it up to the Flickr group. They are books without names yet.

Then I made 4 of the 16 bow ties for the Itty Bitty Blocks that will be part of a row quilt from Quilty Pleasures Blog . It went really quickly. Those are 2" squares with 1 1/4" squares to stitch corner to corner and flip on the background pieces. They are 3 1/2" blocks now... hopefully. I didn't measure them, but it's not a swap, so I don't really care if they are perfect. They were lots of fun to make.

So this is the fabric I got. I wanted the number one for a "book" for the POD QAL. It'll be for the Numerology book.
No finish on the baby quilt, yet. I still haven't heard back about the spelling and dates from my DIL. Guess I better call her.
Now we'll wish you a wonderful weekend - still a bit early.


Yesterday I started with this...

and finished up the 3rd piece of the bookcase quilt at Fandom in Stitches Project of Doom QAL. I like the colors for the books this time. I reached into the box of "magic" fabrics I've accumulated to make Harry Potter blocks and pulled out the shiny silver for the Deathly Hallows symbol and the turquoise fabric with the colored bubbles. I so enjoyed the paper piecing, and the results. One block a week, for 30 weeks. I hope I can keep up.
In other news, it's Jan 22 today and on the Susan Branch calendar it says that is the "visit your LQS" day. I guess if I have to I gotta go. Oh the sacrafices!  Right after we have lunch with our grown up married granddaughter!  I'm quite excited about that. Off to the shower...

Have a wonderful weekend. (I guess I'm starting early on that.)