Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Double Wedding Ring Auction at

Bunkhouse Quilts.  Tell her I sent you.  Here's a picture of the DWRs... used with her permission, and I figured out (all by myself) how to put it on this post. Aren't you proud? (I haven't used that phrase - all by myself - in a mighty long time.)

She got me to thinking about shopping in the olden days... Remember, Grannies, how it was to shop at a real department store? Sears, Penny's.... In our town - at the time - it was Roth's. It was a closely packed store with different departments, all manned with a couple of people and a manager... how did the store ever make money?  When you walked in you felt like the Queen. There were friendly people everywhere to help you find something. My hubby worked there for years before we met. He was kind of a jack of all trades, running the elevator - you didn't just push a button in those days. He helped carry things, deliver stuff, assemble bikes, etc. I loved shopping there.

And I promised a picture of Rudy with his pink toy:

Rudy, with his pink toy, and Trouble... oh, and their "parents". They walk by our house every morning, and Rudy has a toy - a different one on occasions. They say he has a whole bunch of "babies" to choose from. Today is the special pink one.

I petted him a couple of times after the pictures he posed for... then he decided the photo shoot was over and started for home and his comfy bed.  If only you knew, Rudy, how much joy you impart to the neighborhood. We get a chuckle every morning.

I got the quilting done yesterday, and it's binding and  those afore mentioned teepees today. What are you working on?