Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pincushion Parade


Today a departure from the norm...

Yes, these are my hard working pincushions.  Beth over at Love Laugh Quilt is sharing pincushion collections on a linky party. Go there to see some really pretty ones.  This is my "collection".  The one on the right goes to the livingroom when I do binding or any other hand sewing. The one on the left  goes on vacation when I take some hand sewing... doesn't happen that much. The one in the middle is my favorite. My Grandma made this one. I think it may have been her own, but she made oodles of these (for the Church Bazaar) with yarn that was given to her by a guy that worked at the local knitting mill... (been shut down for years. Everybody worked at the mill at one time or another.  Mechanization and newer technology closed it down. But I digress.) She had all these little snippets of yarn from sewing up the tips of gloves and mittens made at the mill. (She made floor pillows for all her great grands (alive at the time) with the shortest pieces, and with some longer ones she knit these pin cushions.) (Grandma was Green and we didn't even recognize it. It wasn't a thing yet.)  Anyway if you look closely you will see that the bands are knit in stripes and a strip is folded in half so the fold is at the top. I know she sewed the rings onto felt, but you can't see her stitches, so there must be a second round of felt to cover all the stitches. The center ring is just right to accommodate your thimble and the other rings can hold an emery board, small scissors, and I've kept a stray nail in mine until recently. I keep the bent pins on the lower part of the outside ring, and the paper piecing machine needles there also. I think it is a genius design.

Here I've moved some of the pins so you can see the rings... different colors cause there isn't that much yarn of one color. Below - with the thimble in place.

And just because today we are being quirky here's a picture of my coffee cup, again. This time the picture developed by the foam is NAUGHTY!!!!  Do you see what I see?
I see 2 Butts at the beach!

Keep your eyes open and your imagination in gear. You never know what you might see.

Love you all, and welcome to the new followers! Thanks for stopping bye.