Saturday, September 10, 2011

New project, new fabric, quilt show visit

Happy Saturday to you all!
We just got back from a fabric sale and a separate quilt show... but first  a little "show" of my own. I've gotten frustrated with the triangles again, so I started a few little strips of adding machine tape.  I take a bit off the floor, or out of the scrap bags, and if it will fit I sew it to a piece of adding machine tape.  I don't know what I'll make out of it yet, but here's a picture.

Truly, they look  better in person.  I love that the paper is keeping me on the straight and narrow. There is a picture of a quilt at the Elk Grove Quilt Show that has hearts on it (shown towards the last) that might be a way to use my little strips. 

This is the fabric sale that took place this morning between 8 and 10.  We got there at 8:01 and a shopper had picked out all her stuff, got it cut and paid for before we got there.  This is the results of a quilt store going out of business.... a sad even, to be sure, but we got fabric for $3.00 per yard!!! So it wasn't that sad.  (For you all that have metric and odd money the price here was about one third what you'd have to pay in a quilt store now.)  I got 8 pieces, 9 yards!  I had to have 2 yards of the yellow batik. I'm making flower pins with it... and saving some for quilting.  See the last picture for the purchases. Now on to the Quilt Show!!!

 I only took pictures of the ones I liked, and I liked this one. The bottom right square is shown below.

This one took my breath away.  I know it isn't a color pallet that many of you would chose, but I love it.  The detail of the border is shown in the picture below.

Notice the blue scallops "tied" with pink buttons above the piano key border?  Love that!  No other way to remember it but with a picture. This one won prizes!

And another applique.  I love the look, but my big clumsy  fingers just don't want to do it.  As before, a detail is below.

 I loved this one - you know my weakness is red!!! Especially this middle bottom block with the variegated daisy flowers... also love the sashing. No detail of this one, but click on it and it should get bigger - if you want a closer look-see.

 This one is striking, too. So different than I've seen before.  I think it was a Guild Challenge, because there was another like it in a different section.  This one has ribbons, I didn't look to see what prize it won. I'm more of a pattern and color gal. No close-up of this one.... sorry.

I like this one, but you knew that.... It looks like a simple framed box, but when you look at the detail in the next picture you will see that it is more complicated, and yet an easy quilt to make.

See what I mean? 

Now this one is just a detail that I wanted to remember.  I love this particular block.  Wouldn't it be great made in all different colored blocks and set solid, but turned so the "path" would go all over the place. There were a lot of red, white and black quilts at the show.  May have been another challenge.

Here's the hear one I thought I could use my adding machine tape to make.
Real cheery, don't you think so?

This is a sweety. The flowers are paper pieced, I think,  and the leaves and center bouquet are drawn onto the fabric with crayon!!!!   I know.  I've heard of it before. I think there was an article in one of my magazines, umpteen years ago.  It creates a lovely pastel coloration.  (Probably doesn't stay on  through many washes, but you could always refresh the color again with the crayon.)  I don't think I'll try it, but you never know.  I  try never to say never... such a sad word.
Here's the detail.  It also has a really unusual border of half square triangles that point to the corners from half way and then the other corner on the other half of the side. I wanted to remember that, too.

Here's the day's cache. Most of the fabrics from the yard sale are yellow and one orange - full yards, a requirement. From a vendor at the quilt show, the lime greens were on sale, too.  Half yards 3 for $5 another good buy.  I could have saved so much more if my hubby hadn't been with me.  He never says I can't have it, nor does he groan or complain, but I know when he's spent too much - you know.  I don't try to push my limits. 

So that was my morning, today.   It's always a good day seeing a quilt show and buying fabric!  Hope your day was just as fun, and have a beautiful rest of the weekend!