Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Testing 1, 2, 3....

Here we go...
Okay, so how come I can get pictures to load today?  I haven't paid yet (haven't really tried). Anyway these are from the day before Thanksgiving when our oldest son and newest DIL were here with our newest grandson, Mason Scott. (at about 3 months old)  Here we are holding him so that we can use the MIL tongue plant that is behind us to look like horns or bunny ears. (We are naughty, but don't tell Santa.)

Now the bunny ears are working, but M is not cooperating. Somebody must have yelled "Squirrel!"
Below: Doesn't he look traumatized after seeing granny's quilt?  LOL

Since then I've been making for Christmas. Can't show the scarves I sent off without a photo shoot. Here are the only initials I still have here. I figure they could be tree ornaments in the future, but for now they identify the recipients of the packages.  They are made like a quilt, but I used paper on top of the fabric/batting/fabric sandwich and top stitched once and removed the paper and then stitched around again 2 more times. (The ribbon was caught in with the stitching from the start.) Each is in their favorite color (as I remember them) and they all have the same green on the backs.
Spoiler Alert: Don't look if you are one of my kids or kid in laws or a grandkid... if you want to be surprised.
And a big Thank You, Melanie! Melanie of Houseelf Doings sent me these fun buttons! I love them. Aren't they sweet?!!!!!!!!

So that is all for this time. I have all my Christmas packages sent off and just a little shopping left to do. I'll get back to sewing soon.