Thursday, July 14, 2011

a video, triangles again and more plants

Dear Friends,
I'm so glad you stopped in today.  I was blogging around this morning, and came across Aunt Peaches. I had been there before, but not for a while, and thought I'd pop in to see what she was up to.  Please! go there via that link.  Watch the video.  You will be glad you did.  I am so glad I did.

And the triangle mania continues. I took the photos like they were being booked at  the police dept.... One this way and one that. Do you see the cats?  There are butterflies, too. (An aside to Ashleigh and Alyssa: Do you see the fabric from one of the tops I made for you when you were mere toddlers? It was the butterfly wing fabric with ties at the shoulders. An aside to Em: There are lots of pieces of the butterfly fabric I put into your heart shirt. See if you can find one. An aside to Ben: Do you see the upside down car like the one I put on your shirt?  An aside to Rachael: I know there are lots of reds in here from your quilt, see if you can find them.  And finally!!! an aside to Christopher: There are greens from your quilt, too... I know you won't look for them, but that's okay. I still love you, too. I'm probably going to have to keep this quilt - if that is what it will become - just because of all those bits of fabric.  It brings back some really wonderful memories.)

I won't show you my work room this time.  I' ll let you imagine: a woman who hates cleaning is digging through several (a bigger number than I care to let on) shopping bags of snippets to find fun and cheerful colors to add to the pile on the ironing board and sewing machine... the bits cut off after the triangle is sewn are casually thrown... onto the floor.  I'll bag them up and save them for another day. There is that method of using stabilizer and tiny snips and all over sewing that intrigues me.

And here are the latest transplanted "squirrel trees". I call them that because they are planted in my yard in the most inopportune places by the squirrels that "own" my yard. It works out to dig them up and transplant them into the little cups for the Halloween kids. I have some really nice ones this year. One that "died" came back from the acorn or from the root. Lucky I didn't throw it away.  Oaks are really forgiving that way. The first one in the foreground is a cottonwood... probably self planted. I'd love to have it in my yard, but if I had all the trees I wanted there would be no place for anything else.  I have a long list of desired trees. I need about ten acres. Most people want new clothes or a new car, or a kitchen remodel. Not me. I guess that's why they named me Theresa... they just knew how strange I'd become.

And Harry Potter, the movie, comes out tomorrow!!!!  I've loved the books - read and reread. The movies are exciting, but not as good as the books. (Isn't that always the way?)

I linked up to the linky party at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, isn't that the most appropriate name for us quilters? I also linked to Sew Darn Crafty and Flamingo Toes on Sunday.

Lotsa love to you all!!! Have a wonderful weekend!