Sunday, June 10, 2012

P P T Ps or Wee Wee Wigwams

There's 18 of them in all. (In the background that's Emalee and me at Christmas alot of years ago. One of my favorite pictures.)

They are quite easy to make. Mine start with a circle template. I used a luncheon plate... 7 1/2 inches and cut it in half. Make one of quilting cotton and one of flannel or fleece. (I used flannel.) Fold each piece in half -- right sides together -- and sew the straight edges on each piece.  Now turn the lining (flannel) right side out, and insert it into the quilting cotton piece (so they are right sides together).  (I made sure one seam did not come close to the other, and that kept the bulk down to a minimum.) Sew the circle, but leave  1 1/2 inches for turning it all out. Then turn it all out. Tuck the lining into the quilting cotton. Top stitch the circle all around, catching the open section to close it - genius, huh.  Then I ironed them and tacked a few stitches in the top point so she won't have that coming apart in the wash and have to reseat the lining each time. Voila! all done.   Here's another view.

So I'm going to try to make another quilt before we leave to visit my Chrissy and her family... on Thursday... that really came up fast.  So I won't be reading or writing any blogs until next week some time. I'll get you caught up then.