Monday, August 2, 2010

no pictures today

Hi friends,
I'm still working on that learning curve, so since it is laundry day I decided to take it easy on myself and just refer you to a really neato site I read this morning.  Actually it was more like a video - okay, it is a video - on
(Sorry I couldn't figure out how to make that interactive... it must be a bell curve and I'm at the left side!) The video whereof I speak is near the bottom of the page - lots of great photography and a very interesting presentation... I think Ashleigh will really enjoy it.  If you don't go today it may turn out to be on the farmer's wife's second page.  I like her blog... even though it is mostly words.  She just has a way of turning a phrase. 
    So until tomorrow - when maybe I'll figure out how to scan in some of my older photos.
See ya, wish I was with you!