Monday, July 18, 2011

Exciting doodle site!

I was reading blogs this morning, and found  this site referred on Enthusiastic Artist. She doodled some Zentangle forms. I made some spirals. The resulting picture is a cyborg - half yours and half made by the computer. I didn't know then, but there are adjustments you can make with buttons at the top. On mine the computer changed the width of the line, and put in a very interesting spider web with near lines. Here's a picture of the printout..

Didn't do any triangles yesterday. We went to Tahoe for an impromptu visit. There is still snow on the mountains, and some in shady places in the pass on Hwy. 50.  We almost never have snow this late in the season.  Sorry there are no pictures. We didn't really plan to take off for the day... and when we did we just continued up the "hill". Tahoe is a lake on the border of CA and NV. It is about a mile high and surrounded by mountains... so you know they are tall. I'm not sure how high they are, but getting there one of the passes is over 7,000 feet. Here in the West the passes and the towns list the elevation. I think it is because some people get elevation sickness and would need to know how high they are. Anyway, everything there was like spring had just arrived. The grass and tree leaves were that early spring green, and  Mule Ears, Lupin and other early spring flowers were blooming.  So pretty.

We were a bit bummed, though. The town we usually go to, right at state line, has gone so Yuppie that I can hardly stand it.  I usually don't gamble (the NV side is all casinos) so I shop on the CA side.  Well, you know it. All my favorite haunts are gone or so expensive because everything is remodeled.  Even our favorite motel that is off the strip, is completely gone... down to the ground, gone. No way to even see that it had ever been there.  I hate "progress".... don't you?

I am drooling, thinking about going to Harry Potter.  My HP (hubby) has planned to take me to the IMAX to see it on the really big screen in 3-D.  It's a lot scarier that way. We always wait a week or so - let the youngsters see it first.  Then when the mania dies down we can enjoy the movie. Have you seen it yet? Did you enjoy it?  I'm thinking I may have to read all the books again.  I'm missing that Hogwarts feeling.
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