Friday, April 13, 2012

Show and Tell

Hi Friends!

I've been busy...

Do you notice that this picture is upside down?  Just keeping you on your toes!
This is the quilt for H2H (see the button in the side bar). I have the flimsy done...

and this is the flimsy done for the Project Linus Open House Challenge.  Am I done? Do I need borders on either of these? I'm thinking I'll need to quickly sew the strip quilt that is underneath first and take down the little triangles quilt so I can use my design wall to baste the two challenge quilts. Should have  been working when I was playing computer games. Now I'm up against two deadlines.
Let's see if I can finish them on time. Pink and Red needs to be done by May 4 and May 27 for the H2H quilt.  I'd better get back to work!!!!

For those of you praying for my Chrissy - Thank you and please keep up the good work.  She is back to chemo again. She had the first round last Tues. and is feeling better from that, but the side effects hit her already on this first time, and well, lets just say they are awful. The courage it takes to do this again is phenomenal, IMO!  I could not admire her more.

Thanks for stopping by!