Friday, February 6, 2015

Pink Butterflies? - and Miracles!

Why not Pink Butterflies?

The one on the left is a fairy frost fabric. Not really sparkly, but shiny, and so pretty.

And here is my back saving miracle. I found 50+  white on white squares that are 5" that I think I can use for the snowball part of the snowball and 9 patch sew along. I don't remember cutting them so it was a long time ago when I thought about making another snowball quilt. The corners would be greens and reds. I remember planning that much.  Then I also found these, seen below.

4.5" blocks that go perfect for my Xs part of the Goodnight Irene for H2H. (I sewed corners on one side already.) Somebody up there is helping me, I think. My Angel would like the quilt to get finished on time and sent to Happy Chemo.
Hey, the sun did come out today!  It's been raining for days... so DREARY.
Sew have a lovely weekend. I'm working with precuts!