Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Woodland CA quilt show and quilting done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday we went to the Flying Needles Quilter's Guild Quilt Show. So now I've got some pictures to share with you.
Is this not the best Citrus Pinwheel you have ever seen? I took the picture to remember the border.

I know some of you applique nuts will like this one.

 Love postage stamp quilts... this one is really colorful.
 And I loved this one - partly pieced and partly appliqued.

 Since I'm working on Hexies... This one is an old Grandmother's Flower Garden.

The one above (and close up below) is quite unique. The middle top is a fabric panel of Yosemite National Park, and the surrounding postcards are real paper postcards! They are set into little triangular pockets just like photo corners. Thought you would like the innovation.

 Even my Hubby liked this one... I'm thinking that's the next new quilt for me to make.

 This picture reminded me of a special friend who is sewing on the Barn Along... Hi Sheila! Told you barns remind me of you.

Isn't this one pretty? Her son went along to the quilt store to help her pick out the blue... I'm impressed. I've always liked this pattern - Double Irish Chain, I think. It too is on my Quilty Bucket List.

And this one is similar... color placement!

Now here's what I bought... You will never guess what I paid. 6, count them... 6 fat quarters for $5...
And the lime green with yellow and pink flowers 2 yards = $6 total... Yes, you heard me correctly. I got 2 pieces for $3 per yard.  The other is blue with white dots - 4 yards that I used as the backing for the Jazzy Snowballs. See the next picture.

It's already quilted. I used the same orange quilting thread on it as the other H2H quilt. The wavy lines give the snowballs a little puffiness. See below.

So now I'm on to do the binding.
Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for the comments... especially the lovely ones that I haven't answered.  I really appreciate your kindness.