Monday, July 11, 2016

Scraps Galore

Some weeks ago I hit a wall. Didn't want to work on the started quilts, didn't know what to do with myself... I came across a bag of snippets. They were saved to make quilts with someday. Sew I started -  with the bag next to the sewing machine I sewed pieces together (with abandon), ironed, cut, and sewed them together again...

Here's what that is turning into... the most work I've ever put into such a little bit of "quilt"
Quite angular and geometric. It's hard for me to do. I'm trying to be Free.  I never know when a piece is done.
Anyway, I'm adding this to  Em's Moving It Forward linky this morning. Come on over and see what else is there.

Thunderstorms and rain here today.