Friday, March 23, 2012

The rest of the story... and some flowers.

Thank you for all your prayers for my Chrissy. She is in her own room now, and I talked with her last night, and she is very quiet, subdued by the pain meds, but doing really well - considering what they extracted.  Her spirits are high, and she is very thankful for all the prayers she has been getting. Now she rests in the hospital for at least a week. The first week is critical for the liver to rebuild. Her goal, she said, was to be able to walk to the bathroom herself, today. A lofty goal, I'd say. But I know she will get there.  Please keep her in your prayers, at least for a few more days....

Now my afore mentioned tutorial to put paper pieced blocks together. The first two blocks for my H2H quilt.

I left the backing papers on so I could
face them together - pretty side to pretty side, and pin through...

sorry about the fuzziness... pin through...straight through both ends, and the center... then with different pins - pin next to the through pins. Be careful not to distort the straightness of the straight through pins. Remove the straight through pins.

Now sew along the seam line to join the two blocks.

 Rip off the paper on the seam allowance only... you need the paper for the next block additions. Folding the paper at the stitches makes it easier to rip.

I use the seam ripper to help loosen the stubborn little pieces... careful not to rip out the stitches.

And Voila! Two as one. A successful marriage. (What is it when you add the next block? Hee Hee) This method assures that you will have the right amount of seam allowance, points are easy to match, etc. (Notice the ends of the seams do not... I never cut the 1/4 inch. I have a shaky hand, and sometimes ruin the 1/4.... now you know the secret!)

Not to change the subject or anything, but my tiny orchid blossomed!!!!! It has the most wonderful scent. Most orchids do not have a scent. I'm sorry that I can't tell you what kind it is.

 Earlier this week I drafted a paper piecing pattern for my friend, Sheila from Sew, Cook and Travel. I hope she shares her blocks today, so I can see what she did. You've gotta see her quilts! So colorful and cheery.

Here's what I did with the pattern. The whole quilt will be red, my "favorite color and it's tints and shades" for the Project Linus Open House at our leaders home in May. She usually sets us to some challenge for a quilt to show at the Open House. (This time there shouldn't be so many brown quilts... please!)

And finally, for you spring challenged, the snowdrops blooming in my front/side yard... under the birch trees. (I think the birch were planted to represent each of the family previous to us. One, sadly, has died now. There are still 6.)

So that concludes our visit, and the tutorial.  Hope all is well with you and yours. Which reminds me to beg you to continue to pray for my Chrissy. There are still miracles needed!