Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Just home from the show - a long drive there, overnight at Holiday Inn Express, early hours at the show, then a long drive home - safe and sound.
Here are just a few of the highlights - we  couldn't even get to it all. Lots of walking.

We started out from Vancouver WA and stopped in Wilsonville OR for lunch and to get a picture of this grocery... has my family name on it. Wonder if a relative started it or owns it.

This was the first quilt I took a picture of... Okay, bad grammar .... but you know what I mean. There were quite a few bad plain ole quilts before this one... with prices like $19,500 on them. Clearly they were not for sale. Lots of quilts were for sale, and even though we got there before the show was to start, quite a few were already sold.

Is the above quilt a Triple Wedding Ring? What kinda wedding is that?

 Sisters is a lovely little town with great little flower gardens in front of the stores and sculpture all over the place.
Thought I saw this quilt on the blogs... and there were others that were familiar. The artists names were not on the paper descriptions stapled to the quilts.


I thought I saw this one in a magazine.
This one wouldn't turn... but it doesn't matter, it's still really pretty.
 This one was different because the back of it said "Goodnight"
And here's another sculpture.
Well, I'm getting off to some more packing - I'll show the rest of the pictures tomorrow.
I bought some fabric, too. I know, big surprise. You'll have to turn in again tomorrow to see that.
Happy rest of your weekend,