Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gandalf - by me

Hi Friends,

I am elated to see another friend is following me, Welcome!  Since this it my 99th post I'll let you know that next post, whenever that may be, will be a giveaway of fabric proportions.  I have pulled some reds and yellows from my stash and I'm thinking there should be some green, blue, purple and brown as well.  We will see what I can find.

I spent 3 hours making a Gandalf block today.  Here he is, and I'm going to attempt to load him onto the Flicker Group at Sewhooked for part of her There and Back - a block of the month that is based on the book The Hobbit. (Use the link and see what others have made - or copy off one of her patterns... perfectly okay to use for personal, gift or charity quilts. You just can't sell the quilt or any other product you make with the patterns.) I was lazy and didn't get in on the fun with her previous BOM the Project of Doom - based on Harry Potter and I regret that!  So here is the first block of There and Back, as I interpret it.  (I went to the book and read the description of Gandalf as he was first arriving at Bilbo's house. I like to make my depictions as close to the "real" thing as possible.)  I did make a couple of "mistooks". I cut into the sewing line instead of the cutting line on the bottom left, so I covered that over with a yellow bunch of dandelions... and I forgot #7 at the bottom of his cloak which was supposed to be more grass.  Oh well, next time I make him, I'll have to be more careful.

So that's all for today.

Hugs to you all,