Saturday, June 21, 2014

And we are Finished!

Here's the final pictures of the Grandgirl's Wedding Quilt.

I used clips to sew down the binding on the front.  Worked wonderfully!  (A tip: fold the mitered corner in from the unsewn side. That way you have a smooth sew down in the corner. First corner was difficult, until I figured it out.)  If I finished more often maybe I'd remember these things... as is I have to learn new things every time.

Here's the label with the "I love you" symbols... Mine has a green thumb, and his...

has a purple thumb. (He's quite accident prone.)

Our on the back lawn

 one this way, one that way.

Some close ups... Did you see the latest Quilter's Newsletter Magazine on sale now?
 "5 new and fresh patterns" (apparently on the DVD).  It isn't my quilt, but a twin, for sure.
 Go check it out. See what you think.
So that's that. It'll be carry on luggage tomorrow, but I'm not publishing this until she sees the quilt, so it'll be confusing as to when. Today is the 17th, and the funny thing is that she is being married right now... as I finished up the quilt. (Her religion has a special ceremony at the Temple called Sealing. We weren't invited for that.) Talk about 11th hour. I hope I learned to whip my ponies and keep on keeping on to finish things. I'm tired of that 11 hour thing.
Taking along a little paper piecing to work while I'm there. (Yes, you can hand sew them.)  I want to make some pot holders - again with some visual puns.
Have a wonderful week - without me. (Sniff)  I'll try to catch up when I get back.