Saturday, January 8, 2011

Giveaway Time!!!!!!!

I am so happy! Elated, actually to have 10 followers now.  Thank you all for making that space for me in your lives. I really appreciate the vote of confidence.
So I told myself that if I ever got to 10 followers I would have a Giveaway.  What should it be, said she.  I think it should reflect recent blogs and be something from the sewing side... How about 3, no less than 3, quilt books!  I have A Constellation for Quilters, it's all kinds of star patterns by Carol LaBranche. Also, Flowers of the States most of the patterns are paper piecing the state flowers designed by Sue Harvey. The third book is Applique Made Easy, a Rodale book edited by Karen Costello Soltys.  So there you go, if you piece, paper piece or applique there is something for each of those disciplines, and if you don't but would like to learn, these books can help.  Now how to give them to one... Whoever of my followers is listed first on Mrs. Moen's Make a Boob blog leaving her a heartening comment after I publish this post, will have the books. You'll have to do some research for the link... that'll make it more competitive.  You will need to
e-mail me to give me your address, and I will ship the books right away.  Good luck!

Here are the offerings.
Lotsa love to all of you,