Monday, October 30, 2017

Getting Ready for Trick or Treaters

If you follow me you know that I give away plants I've started from my plants for Halloween...(as well as candy - I'm not crazy.)  This year I don't have that many plants... just ran out of space at this house for propagation... no sunshine most of the time.  But I did take pictures of them.

 Isn't that a pretty little Hoya plant out front?  I started it from a leaf that fell off of the momma. I was surprised how fast that rooted (in water). Behind is a Spider plant and on the right are Mother-in-law Tongues that took 2 years to get to this point. Also there is an Easter Cactus, and one herb, Rosemary.

 This Hoya rooted while attached to Momma... a branch of the vine layed down in a pan of water... the easier way to start a plant.

 Most of the above plants are avocado trees started in jars on my window sill in the kitchen... Another Hoya that started as a naughty boy and had to be cut off of Momma. It had grown into the control box of the blinds and could not be removed any other way. It rooted up pretty fast and was potted up last week. Another Mother-in-law Tongue hanging out ready to take to the garage at the last minute tomorrow.

Here is one I'm having trouble giving away...  I can always start another, but will it turn out this pretty?

I have a couple more plants to pot up - Wandering Jews and a couple of the desert plants I'll have to look at the stake to see the name....I'll show them tomorrow.

We are changing from the Hogwarts Greenhouse to an unknown spot in the castle hallway where the pictures move. I'll be in a picture giving out candy through the frame.  In CA the kids really loved the pictures.

Back to work!