Monday, February 18, 2013

#8's new book

I finished the cloth book for our 8th grandkid.  Here are the pictures.

front of the book (We're all friends, right? Then I will confess that the paper pieced heart was supposed to be the front, and wound up on the back.. C'est la Vie!)

Inside pages - now I notice every smaller piece is tilted the same way. Oh well, he is only 6 months old on Sunday next.  He won't care.

A cute doggie print, and a paper pieced butterfly.

 Just some prints - I tried to figure out what boys like.
Aaaaand here is the back - notice my high tech photo identification. I couldn't figure out the other stuff.  I have found Facebook though. (Some think that I figured that out, but I still don't know what I'm doing... it's different than blogging.)
So that's the big show for today. Tomorrow I'll show the rest of the Folsom Quilt Show. Forgot about that.  See you tomorrow.