Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a sabbatical!

No particular reason, just didn't know how to share all that had happened.  Since I posted last I went to a lovely wedding - outdoors in a wooded, shady garden behind the St. George Hotel in Volcano, CA.... one of my favorite places in CA.  My sis and bro-in-law drove all the way from SD to be there and were our house guests for a short visit.  (Hadn't seen them since 2002.)
       The groom (my son) got misty eyed when he saw his bride walk down the isle... we were all touched. (He's the one that just got back from HazMat type training in the Army - big tough guy.) I cried, but I have no idea why.  The mom of the bride was dry eyed.  I envy her control, but then I am older, and we older women tend to let it all hang out - which you can see on the pictures..... LOL.  I enjoyed the wedding, and the guests, but best was seeing my son #2 and his family that I haven't seen in almost a decade.  (They are a career Air Force family, so we haven't seen them since they were stateside in NC.  Now stationed in Alaska.) Granddaughter 2 is taller than me now (at 16+), and Grandson 2 is also (at 14+). Imagine how tall they will be when they stop growing!  And my #1 Daughter-in-law...Love you girl!  Precious moments.... We took the kids and DIL to see the Jelly Belly Factory!  It's a sweeeeeet destination in CA.
       Also got to see #1 Grandson.  He is now 18+  and quite the gentleman.  In the reception line he was mistaken for the brother of the groom (who is almost 40 but still looks young enough to be the groom to his bride in her early 20s.)  Somehow I think my grandson was happy about looking older, but he is the groom's son! He lives in Florida, so we don't get to see him that often, either.  I always wanted to be the "hands on" grandma... babysitting, baking cookies and spoiling the little ones... didn't happen.
     Since the wedding I've just been sewing and watering little plants.... so elated to see the day lily seeds I harvested (out of free plants from the local nursery).  Here's a picture:

In the picture you can see the 3 of the four day lilies have germinated!!!! Hurray!!!  And then there is a Columbine to the right of them, above that is a Crown of Thorns that has gotten leaves, too.  My babies are growing up. Sweeeeet!
          So I'm back to blogging, and will show some quilt works in the next few.
Love 2 all my viewers and especially all my followers!